Following a subscription request by an agency general user, Marketplace will send an email notification to the assigned agency approvers.

The three approval roles are:

  • Security;
  • Business; and
  • Finance.

What to do:

Following receipt of an email notification

1. Access Marketplace and find subscription request 

CLICK the provided link. This will take you to Marketplace and when you have logged in, you will see the page listing the subscription requiring your review and approval.

Note: the link is only active for 24 hours. If the link has expired you will receive a message advising the link has expired with a link to login to the marketplace.

SELECT the tab (aka breadcrumb) titled "Agency Subscriptions". You will be presented with a list of subscriptions that have been requested by your agency (or purchased) through the marketplace.

Any subscriptions requiring your approval (or rejection) will have the possible actions displayed under the "Action" column

2. Review supplier artefacts

REVIEW at your discretion any artefacts associated to the application.

Security Approvers are presented with the following layout. 

SELECT the hyperlinked number in the CASB Rating column, to view the details reported from the McAfee MVISION cloud registry AND

SELECT 'view artefacts' to see all artefacts provided by the Supplier and accessible for your respective role.


All other Approvers

SELECT Tab titled Artefacts

REFINE the artefacts listing to the supplier in question (using the Search text box - on right hand side of the screen).

3. Approve / reject subscription request

To approve/decline the subscription request

SELECT either the tick (to approve) or the cross to reject

If you approve the request you will be presented with a pop up dialog box with the Agency unique reference number (provided by the requester), which can be altered by the approver.

If you reject the subscription request, you will be presented with a pop up dialog box where you can provide a reason for the decline.