There are four steps to set up your Agency's account:

1. Review, Change, Add New and Confirm Agency Information

After your application to participate in the Marketplace is approved, your Agency account will be created by the Marketplace Platform administrator. You will then receive the New Agency Administrator notification email that includes the user verification link. Use this to create your password and gain access into the Marketplace. 

You are required to review, and then change or confirm the pre-populated Agency account information.

2. Authentication

The Marketplace offers 3 types of user Authentication facilities:

You can set up

  1. Using the Marketplace Email authentication facility.  With this facility, all Agency users will be created by the Agency administrator, or
  2. SAML protocol, or
  3. LDAP protocol
At present, only Microsoft Azure Active Directory can be used for the SAML or LDAP authentication protocols.  For more information regarding these set up, please email
New agency users will receive the new user notification email that includes the Marketplace user verification link, which they will use to create their password, to gain access into the Marketplace.

3. Agency Billing and Payment Set up

This step is for agencies who wish to purchase from the Public Cloud Services (SaaS) channel. In order to pay for the subscriptions, GST and the Marketplace administrative charges, the Agency must upload a completed and signed Direct Debit (DD) Authority and enter the authorised New Zealand bank account number on the Marketplace.  The authorised New Zealand bank account number must be the same as the bank account number recorded on the completed and signed DD Authority.

The Marketplace's bank account data entry fields are presented in the format: BB-bbbb-AAAAAAAA-SSSS, where B is the bank number (2 digits), b is the branch number (4 digits), A is the account number (8 digits) and S is the suffix (4 digits).  If your bank account is displayed as 6 digits and the suffix as 2 digits, add leading zeroes to pad the digits, i.e. BB-bbbb-AAAAAA-SS becomes BB-bbbb-00AAAAAA-00SS.

Although it is not mandatory to upload the completed and signed DD authority and provide a bank account number during the initial Agency on-boarding process, this information must be entered into the Marketplace before Agency users can create subscriptions.

4. Create Agency Users

As a final set up step of on-boarding your Agency account, the Agency administrator will create and assign the approver and regular user roles in the Marketplace if the Agency is using the Marketplace email authentication facility.

If the Agency has set up to use SAML or LDAP protocol for login, then the Agency administrator will import users from their Microsoft Azure Active Directory.  For more information regarding these authentication facilities, email the Marketplace team at

A picture reference is included below: