Payments and provisioning of services for New Zealand domiciled suppliers:

  1. Agency Security and Business Approvers must approve all subscription requests; only subscription requests that have their whole of life amounts above the finance approval threshold need Financial Approvers to approve.
  2. Marketplace advises the Supplier about request and upcoming payment.
  3. The Supplier acknowledges receipt of request and upcoming payment.
  4. The Agency pays the Supplier by Direct Debit – This is the price plus GST if the Supplier is GST registered.
  5. The Supplier is paid by Direct Credit.
  6. The Marketplace notifies the Supplier that payment has been made.
  7. The Supplier notifies the Marketplace that the Service is provisioned.
  8. The Agency pays the Marketplace administrative charges by Direct Debit.
  9. The Marketplace issues the Agency a tax invoice. 

Agency administrators can view their Agency’s spend by Supplier, Periodic Payments and Pending Payments by subscription requests in the Marketplace.