When the Agency is active on Marketplace and has all their approver roles assigned, they procure subscriptions from the Marketplace Public Cloud Services (SaaS) channel.

Agencies are able to discuss configuration and on-boarding with suppliers at any point in this process.

A subscription is only finalised after all relevant Agency Approvers have approved it. 

The process steps for procuring a subscription are:

  1. Choose the Application from the Marketplace.
  2. Choose the Subscription plan that suits your needs.
  3. Select the number of units and include auto-renew as required.
  4. Enter up to 12 characters of the Agency reference for the subscription.
  5. Submit the Subscription request for approval.
  6. Security Approver: The first approver to receive the email approval notification is the security approver. The security approver will review and make the decision to approve or reject the request.
  7. Business Approver: Email approval notification is sent to the business approver only if the security approver has approved the subscription request. The Business approver also has the option to approve or reject the subscription request.
  8. If the subscription request is below the low limit it will be approved and the requester notified accordingly.
  9. Finance Approver: If the approved subscription value is above the low limit, the finance approver will receive the email approval notification. The finance approver also has the option to approve or reject the subscription request.
  10. Once the subscription request is approved, the Supplier is notified and the Marketplace direct debits the Agency the subscription amount plus GST within the next 24 hours.
  11. When payment is confirmed, the Supplier is notified. The Supplier will then provision the service to the requesting Agency.