Uploading of artefacts is a straight forward process. You can upload a range of documents (and types) into the Marketplace secure artefact repository.

Note: This guidance is only for approved suppliers who have been granted with supplier administrator rights into the platform.

  1. Go to https://portal.marketplace.govt.nz
  2. Login as Supplier Administrator
  3. Go to tab titled "Artefacts"

4.  Select "Add Artefact"

5. Browse to find desired file

Hint: Be sure to name the file with your organisation name (or a short form of it) and a title that is recognisable to the human eye.

e.g. "[supplier name] - [product name] - [Document subject] [version/date]"
        "Supplier X - Product Y - Terms 20190531"

6.  Select Information Type
7.  Select Confirm

You will receive a system notification advising of your upload. The Marketplace team will also receive a notification and following their review will publish the artefact(s). You will receive a further notification that this has been done.