Anonymous users are able to browse the Marketplace catalogue, to see all items in the Marketplace and make comparisons between applications.

Price and reviews are available to logged in users only.

After log in, users can view prices, write and view reviews and request subscriptions.

Subscription request for Public Cloud Services (SaaS)

All Agency users can create subscription requests.

Once their subscription request is submitted, the Agency user will be notified about its status change:

  • when it is approved
  • when it is rejected
  • when it is activated
  • when it is expiring
  • when it has expired
  • when it is suspended
  • when it is terminating
  • when it is terminated
By clicking on the “clock“ icon, the user can view the subscription history.

When approved, the Agency administrator or requester user can terminate the subscription at any time or extend it two weeks (14 days) prior to its expiry.

Only the Marketplace Platform administer can suspend approved subscriptions.

Terminations only effect re-billing; this means that the currently subscribed and prepaid term will continue.  Upon expiry, the subscription will be terminated.

When a subscription request is rejected, the Agency user has the option to resubmit it by changing the relevant parameters (e.g. plan, units, quantity, auto-renew).